For the boss of Nvidia, 2022 will also be a year of shit


2022 should be of the same flavor as 2021 for Nvidia

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang made some interesting statements about the market and GPU shortages during 2 interviews with Yahoo! Finance and The Next Platform. Clearly, we shouldn’t expect a quieter 2022 for PC buyers.

Nvidia Ampere
For Jensen Huang CEO of Nvidia, 2022 will still be a tense year

Jensen Huang: “We don’t have a quick fix.”

While the company communicates on its multiple projects to seduce the stock market and its investors, Nvidia still makes the bulk of its revenue, about 47% in the second quarter , with the sale of its GPUs for graphics cards for consumers. And these continue to be scarce due to the crisis that began since the pandemic. For him, the tension on the GPU should go well beyond 2022: “I think over the next year, demand will far exceed supply. We don’t have a silver bullet to navigate the supply chain.”

Demand to remain strong for a long time according to Nvidia

By the Green CEO’s reasoning, the chip shortage will eventually subside, but he doesn’t think the level of demand we’re seeing is transitory. Instead, he says it’s here to stay given the changes in people’s habits. “People are starting to build more and more home-based workstations because their home is now their office.” And as good news never comes alone, the sharp drop in the Euro against the US dollar, is making things even worse on the price front in recent weeks.