Evo V: Geil RAM with two mini-fans!


The Geil brand has just announced new memory kits with its Evo V series. It is about RAM clocked at high frequencies, we are talking about 6600 MT/s. However, we find an imposing heatsink and especially two mini fans!

Evo V: fast RAM, but also actively cooled!

Geil Evo VWith its new memory kits, the Geil brand is hitting hard with sets displaying very high frequencies. At the maximum, the brand’s RAM will be able to run at up to 6600 MT/s! Otherwise, other kits are proposed with 4800 MT/s at the beginning of the range, then it goes up: 5200 MT/s, 5600 MT/s, 6000 MT/s, 6200 MT/s and finally 6400 MT/s. So we can say that the series is already quite complete!

However, as far as capacities are concerned, we stay on something standard with 16GB and 32GB memory sticks. Concerning the timings, Geil mentions CAS latency between CL34 and CL40. The voltages, as for them, vary from 1,10V to 1,35V.

However, the big feature of these modules is to offer a very large active heatsink. Yes, yes, you read that right, “active heatsink”. As you can see, on these ends, the RAM has two mini fans to dissipate the heat of the memory chips’ power supply.

Now the question is how much it will cost. On LDLC, we already find the Trident Z5 in 32 GB running at 6600 MT/s, but it is priced at 700 €.

This way to the Geil datasheet!

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