EndGame Gear announces its XM2we mouse!


EndGame Gear announces the arrival of a new mouse, the XM2we. As a reminder, the brand offers us a return to the roots with its products. They are sober and do not bother with superfluous. Here, we aim for efficiency!

XM2we: new mouse at EndGame Gear!

EndGame Gear XM2we

With this new model, the brand offers us a mouse measuring 122 (L) x 66 (W) x 38 (H) mm. Moreover, it is a rather light model that weighs in at 63g. We will also remember its simple shape and its clean look. Indeed, on this model, no RGB or other artifice.

Internally, the brand opts for a PixArt PAW3370 optical sensor, which can go up to 19,000 dpi and withstand accelerations of 50G. As for the switches, we have Kailh GO optics with a life of 80 million activations. And finally, the whole thing is supported by a CX52850 microcontroller for the mouse and a CX52650 for the dongle.

It’s also a wireless model with a very small 410 mAh battery. Nevertheless, as there is no RGB lighting or other superfluous, the announced autonomy is about one week of play. Charging is done via an ultra-flexible USB-C Flex Cord 3.0 cable. And the glide is provided by PTFE pads.

Finally, it only remains to talk about the price which is 79.90 € with a forthcoming availability in black or white.

Here is the EndGame Gear datasheet!