EK-Quantum Delta² TEC: EK’s 14th Gen-compatible Peltier waterblock!


EKWB has come up with a very special CPU waterblock. The EK-Quantum Delta² TEC uses a well-known technology for cooling: the Peltier system. This block is now compatible with 14th generation Intel processors!

EK-Quantum Delta² TEC: compatible with Intel 14th Gen processors!

EKWB EK-Quantum Delta² TEC

Broadly speaking, this is a classic EK-Quantium waterblock. The finish is an attractive combination of nickel and acetal. What’s more, it conforms to EK-Matrix7, an EK-specific dimensional standard designed to simplify the assembly of a custom buckle.

In short, beyond its design, the block benefits from Peltier technology. This uses electrical current to “transfer” heat from one point to another. As a result, the system will have a cold side to cool the CPU and a hot side to cool it, which is where your custom watercooling loop comes into play. For the connection, we have two G1/4″ threads.

The system’s other specificity is that it requires a controller to supply power (via 8-pin PCIe) to the four Peltier plates, as well as to manage the software and control the system’s pump and fans. Fortunately, this controller has the same aesthetics as the waterblock, and can be mounted on a 120 mm fan slot.

What’s interesting here is that EKWB has announced compatibility with fourteenth-generation Intel processors. The only snag in the story is the price of this solution: expect to pay over €570 per block!

Click here for EKWB’s product sheet!