Eisbaer LT Aurora: two new AIOs at Alphacool!


We take advantage of the announcement of the Aurora Rise 140 fans to tell you about the new AIOs from Alphacool. The brand also announces two new kits with its Eisbaer LT Aurora series. Kits available in 240 mm and 360 mm!

Eisbaer LT Aurora: affordable AIO with copper radiator and RGB!

Alphacool Eisbaer LT360 AuroraOn the program, the brand renews its LT series with some new features. If the copper radiator is from the NexXxos series is still present, we can count on a new pump. For the occasion, the brand exploits its DC-LT2, a pump offering a nickel-plated copper base rotating up to 2600 RPM. Similarly, the new quick coupling system makes it compatible with Eiswofl kits for graphics cards.

The radiator, as we told you is from the NexXxos series of the brand. It is a model made entirely of copper: fins, channels, patch bays, etc.. Only the frame is made of steel. For the occasion, it is a little thinner than those usually found on AIOs. It will be necessary to count 25 mm against 27 mm usually.

The ventilation is ensured by two or three Eiszyklon fans (we will not make this joke) in 120 mm. These will operate from 800 RPM to 2000 RPM. At full speed, the air flow generated will be 1.04.49 mmH2O and the static pressure will reach 2.0 mmH2O.

Alphacool Eisbaer LT Aurora (LT240)

We finish by mentioning the presence of RGB lighting on the fans, but also on the pump. In addition, these models will be compatible with all platforms on the market. We think of the AM4, the sTRX4 (and server derivative), the LGA-2000, the LGA-1000 (1700 included) and even the older ones like the LGA-775.

As far as prices are concerned, we are facing rather affordable models. Count 122,09 € for the 240 mm against 143,79 € for the 360 mm.

Here is the Alphacool datasheet!