DDR5 at 8266 Mt/s with T-FORCE XTREEM


TeamGroup today announces the return of its T-FORCE XTREEM range in DDR5 with kits with and without RGB. Here, we’re talking about the very best in XMP, with 8266 Mt/s achieved!

T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5, kits with high overclocking potential!

teamgroup t-force xtreem ddr5

The new T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 overclocking memory is available in frequencies ranging from 7,000 Mt/s to 8,266 Mt/s in XMP, offering the highest speeds of the entire T-FORCE DDR5 series. With these new kits, the T-FORCE LAB offers the most experienced overclockers kits that should enable them to break new records.

For maximum overclocking potential, TeamGroup’s XTREEM DDR5 kits feature a high-quality 2 mm thick aluminum alloy heatsink and a highly thermally conductive silicone gel to provide efficient cooling. The two-piece heatsink is treated with sandblasting and black anodizing, giving it a discreet matt texture. The whole is topped by the T-FORCE logo that gives the kit its identity.

T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 ARGB, the same, but in color!

teamgroup t-force xtreem ddr5 argb

Like their non-RGB counterparts, T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 ARGB kits are available in frequencies ranging from 7,000 Mt/s to 8,266 Mt/s in XMP. Overclocking capabilities should therefore be close, although it should be noted that the PCB here is in RGB version and will therefore be different. As for cooling, the design is also similar, with 2 mm aluminum machined, sandblasted and black anodized. The design difference lies in the light diffusers for the RGB version.

For the moment, we’ve no idea what these kits will cost, but you can expect a hefty bill for kits costing over 7800 Mt/s.