CVN B660I: two small motherboards from Colorful!


Colorful launches new motherboards with its tiny CVN B660I. As the “I” implies, we have a motherboard in mini-ITX format. This time, the brand offers references designed to accommodate the twelfth generation Core i. We find a ” Frozen” version and a ” Gaming” model.

CVN B660I: two ITX boards from Colorful!

Colorful CVN B660i
The ” Frozen” version of the card!

Colorful offers us motherboards in mini-ITX format. These are intended for the Core i twelfth generation as evidenced by their LGA-1700 socket and the B660 chipset. Concerning the connectivity, nothing extraordinary, we are facingITX. We find logically a PCIe x16 slot and two DIMMs for memory. On the other hand, if the PCIe is at the 5.0 standard, the memory will remain in DDR4 (4600 OC up to 64 GB). For storage, we find our traditional four unbent SATA. These are complemented by two M.2 slots, the first in PCIe 4.0 x4 on the front. The second, at the back, will be in PCIe 3.0 x4. Finally, for the audio, we know that the cards will be able to manage up to 6 channels while the network part is entrusted to a Realtek 2.5 Gbps chip. The other version of the motherboard, the Gaming (the same one, but in black), has an Intel I219V chip. This time, the prices are known and it will cost $159 for the white version(Frozen) and $154 for the black version(Gaming).

Here and there are the technical specifications of Colorful !

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