Corsair unveils DDR5 memory


Corsair has just given us a first glimpse of its Vengeance DDR5 series. If we can rinse our eyes, we are still hungry, the company refrained from communicating the characteristics of the new series, such as frequencies or overclocking options. Surely, this information will be available once we get closer to the launch of Intel Alder Lake-S in the second part of October.

Corsair DDR5

In addition to the Vengeance series, the more discerning (but also the more affluent) will clearly be waiting for the Dominator series of DDR5 memory from Corsair. In some countries, it seems that Corsair has partnered with Intel to deliver its memories with the Alder Lake test samples for the press, presumably 4800 bars. However, the brand seems to have worked to have DDR5 6400 kits. A few weeks ago, it confirmed the bandwidth differences that we can expect with DDR5 compared to the current DDR4: DDR4 3200 would cap at 26 GB/s while DDR5 6400 would reach 51 GB/s. So we’ll have to see if this is a speed reserved for the luxurious Dominator.

Ram DDR5

But Corsair did not stop only on the speeds since the brand had also evoked capacities clearly in the rise. Thus, while it is limited to 32 GB bars for DDR4, 128 GB bars are envisaged for DDR5.. The question of price, at least for 2021, should however slow down the ardor of most of us. The other subject that interests the community is the heating of this new generation of Ram.