Cooler Master announces its MasterFan Halo² fans!


Cooler Master announces new fans with its MasterFan Halo². The brand improves the design, reduces the size of the frame and increases the size of the blades. The goal is to improve the cooling performance of the fan!

MasterFan Halo²: new design for Cooler Master’s fan!

Cooler Master MasterFan Halo²With its new fans, the brand offers some pretty nice mills it must be said. They offer a double light ring made of addressable RGB diode. The goal is to customize the lighting of the mills to match your desires … We will not repeat the song, you know it.

Anyway, the company says it has reworked the size of the frame to reduce its thickness. This leads to an increase in the size of the blades by about 10%. Cooler Master says that this improves performance. Now, with the fans being in the announcement stage, we’ll have to wait before we get the full spec sheet.

For now, the only information available to us is the maximum operating speed: 2050 rpm.

We also know the official selling price which is $24.99 for the 120 mm model against $29.99 for the 140 mm. Two colors are on the program with black and white. In short, it remains to be seen when they will be available in stores.