[Computex] MSI graphics cards at Computex


A few days ago, we told you about the MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Fusion graphics card, a card with a liquid cooling system but no external radiator. Thanks to bl4ckdot for the photos, we can now better visualize this new model and, above all, the internal cooling design, on display on the MSI stand at Computex.

The graphics chip and memory are in contact with a copper plate on which a waterblock with a pump sits. The liquid circulates not only through the block, but also through the radiator that sits on top of it. Two fans are then responsible for dissipating the heat. As you’d expect, the card’s thickness explodes, as we’re talking about 4.5 slots.

MSI seems determined not to limit itself to a single model, since an MSI RTX 4080 Super Expert Fusion is also on show. The cooling system is based on the same principle, but in different proportions, resulting in a thinner card.

Last but not least, two little UFOs, which are more likely to be delusions on MSI’s part than future commercial cards. NVIDIA president Jensen Huang visited the MSI stand at Computex to sign some cards, as you can see.