[Computex] Asus shows off its huge ROG Mjolnir portable battery


We found it hard to believe in this product at first. Not because its usefulness needed to be demonstrated, but because it seemed difficult to conceive of an external battery / inverter in the ROG colors. Back in April, when the product was teased, it looked like the fish of the month. But Asus persisted. Designed to resemble Thor’s hammer, the ROG Mjolnir incorporates a removable flashlight in its handle and an LCD display showing its operating status. Aesthetic considerations aside, the big block offers around 768Wh. This is enough, according to Asus, to maintain an output power of 700W for up to 60 minutes, the equivalent of a heavy-duty PC.

L'onduleur ROG Mjolnir

Because the ROG Mjolnir is intended to be more than just a “simple” UPS. It can also be used outdoors (yes, it can). So the ROG Mjolnir integrates several outputs, including USB-C and USB-A ports, enabling it to charge and power a variety of devices such as monitors, laptops and phones. It even features support for QI 2.0 wireless charging. For Asus, this product is particularly useful for outdoor gaming sessions or when on the move, offering a practical and powerful solution for gamers.

ROG Mjolnir

In detail, the Asus UPS uses a LiFePO 4 lithium iron phosphate battery. Better still, if you like to camp and use your PC at the same time, it can also be paired with a solar panel to boost its capabilities. Like all ROG products, it also appears to feature RGB functionality.

Asus ROG Mjolnir

For those who aren’t fans of comic books and Marvel, “Mjolnir” is the name of the legendary hammer of Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology. It symbolized protection against chaos and was renowned for its ability to summon lightning.