[Computex 2023] Trident Z5 Royal & Royal Elite memory kit


Our colleagues at wccftech have unveiled photos of GSKill’s forthcoming “Trident Z5 Royal” memory kits. The “Trident Royal” series in DDR5 was not yet available, but will soon be with silver and gold versions. In fact, there will be two series: “Trident Royal” and “Trident Royal Elite”. As a reminder, we’ve had the opportunity to review this series several times, but on DDR4 modules such as the excellent Trident Z Royal Elite 4000 MHz CL14 kit.

The design of the modules is slightly different, and should be associated with high-frequency kits, most certainly selected for their performance. These new Trident 5 kits will also benefit from RGB backlighting, which can be deactivated via software if you wish to take full advantage of the silver or gold brilliance.

As you can see, the “Trident Royal” series will have a more streamlined design, while the “Trident Royal Elite” modules will benefit from a more elaborate design, as you can see from the photos above. GSKill has not yet given us an availability date, but we can expect them sometime this year at the latest.