[Computex 2023] Asus unveils its ROG RTX 4090 from the Matrix series!


Ah, even if our presence on a few private forums gave us hope that a new “ROG Matrix” would arrive, we still had our doubts as to whether it would be an RTX 4090 or an RTX 4090 Ti. So it was indeed a new ROG RTX 4090 Matrix graphics card that Asus announced at Computex. The Asus “Matrix” series is the equivalent of Galax’s “HOF” and MSI’s “Lightning” series. These are ultra-high-performance boards, often equipped with tools to overcome the limits imposed by NVIDIA.

A massive 360 mm radiator and integral waterblock:

The last Matrix graphics card was built around the RTX 2080 Ti, so we were eager to see a new model arrive. The ROG RTX 4090 Matrix features liquid cooling consisting of an integral waterblock and a 360 mm radiator topped by three ROG MF-12S ARGB fans. The idea is to keep the temperature below 60°C under load.

The more attentive will notice that there are no discernible fan power cables. Asus uses a magnetic connector to get rid of these often unsightly cables. We particularly remember those of the ROG Strix RX 6800 XT, which we reviewed.

Liquid metal instead of thermal paste:

Asus has opted not to use thermal paste but liquid metal, which provides much better heat exchange. Unfortunately, as the name suggests, if too much liquid metal is used, it can leak, and if it comes into contact with electrical components, disaster is guaranteed. Asus claims to have implemented a system that avoids all risks, even if the card is placed vertically.

According to ASUS and our colleagues at Videocardz, this ROG RTX 4090 Matrix will be launched in the next quarter, and will be available as a collector’s edition at a price close to $2,000.