Cherry unveils its new MX2A switches


Cherry, the German brand specializing in mechanical keyboard switches, announces new switches. The company has unveiled its MX2A series, which benefits from a number of improvements.

MX2A: Cherry’s new switches!

Cherry MX2A

The brand’s switch offering is evolving. These are still available in different profiles:

  • Red: linear typing
  • Silver Speed: linear, but responsive
  • Black: linear, harder typing
  • Brown: tactile keystroke
  • Silent Red : linear, silent typing

These switches are available in both standard and RGB versions. The shell of the switch is then transparent, to promote the diffusion of RGB lighting.

Obviously, this new version doesn’t change the features, which remain unchanged… Or so it seems.

Cherry MX2A

As for improvements, the first thing to note is the factory lubrication. This improves fluidity, reduces spring noise and, above all, reduces friction during descent. Secondly, a new barrel-shaped spring. This limits deformation during use. Finally, the shape of the base spring guide and the plunger have been revised, again with the aim of improving the striking experience.

As for the MX Blue, the bad news is that its design prohibits the use of lubricants, as does that of the new spring. On the other hand, improvements to the plunger and spring guides appear to be in place. Compared to the brand’s other models, we’d expect to see more friction.

Obviously, these switches are already available from keyboard manufacturers. In fact, Xtrfy announced its K5V2 equipped with them.