ASUS Z690: not so crazy prices?


The next family of ASUS Z690 motherboards, including the ROG, TUF and PRIME series, has been leaked in the last few hours by a Canadian online retailer PC-Canada. For the record, the Alder Lake processors will only be released in K version at the end of the year and only the Z690 boards will be available at the beginning. These two factors combined with the use of DDR5 make us fear the worst as far as prices are concerned.

Asus Z690

A cheaper family than the Z590?

The leak in question concerns nine motherboards of the Asus brand and gives an idea of the price positioning. Be careful though, we have made a simple “monetary” conversion and the tax game should undoubtedly increase the bill. In Canada, the equivalent of the VAT is the GST, around 5%. If we compare the prices of the same references of the Z590 family, it seems that this new range is a bit cheaper than the previous one, which is obviously good news. It is also still possible that prices will drop as the official launch approaches on November 4. However, our contacts at the brands give us more nuanced information. Indeed, it seems that only the high-end versions will be introduced at the very beginning of the launch. A situation that will have the consequence of pulling the prices up.

  • ROG Maximus Z690 HEROS: $788.99CAD -> $539
  • ROG STRIX Z690-F Gaming Wifi : $510.99CAD -> $349
  • ROG STRIX Z690-A Gaming WiFi D : 446,99 $CAD -> 305,5€ (french)
  • TUF Gaming Z690-PLUS WiFI D4 : 370,99 $CAD -> 253,5€ (french)
  • PRIME Z690-A : 382,99 $CAD -> 261,9
  • BONUS Z690-P WiFi : 318,99 $CAD -> 218,9€
  • PREMIUM Z690-P WIFI D4 : 306,99 $CAD -> 209,9€
  • PREMIUM Z690-P : 293,99 $CAD -> 200,9€
  • PREMIUM Z690-P D4 : 280,99 $CAD -> 192€