Asus limits the temperature of Ryzen 7000 on its motherboards


Asus informs us that the brand has decided to react to the CPU temperature recorded on the new Ryzen 7000 processors. Indeed, during our tests, and despite a consequent liquid cooling system, our Ryzen 9 7950X reached a temperature of 92°C during the Cinebench R23 benchmark in multi threads. ASUS will introduce a new exclusive feature for Ryzen 7000 processors on its X670/B650 motherboards in a future BIOS update. Note that as you can see here, some models already have an update available. We find there in particular the ROG Crosshair X670E Gene and ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme that we have tested. BIOS Asus ASUS is going to offer them to be able to limit the processor temperature directly in the PBO settings in order to reduce the heating. In the BIOS, three levels are available with the desired temperature limit. Here are the graphics shared by Asus with their own measurement.

By reducing the operating temperature limit, we can see on the various Ryzen 7000s a sharp decrease in temperature without having a huge impact on the performance of the processor. We will soon be testing this feature on our ROG Crosshair X670E Gene with our four Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

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