Arc A380 Challenger ITX : une carte Intel custom chez ASRock !


In addition to Gunnir, ASRock is now customizing the Arc A380 from Intel. Indeed, the brand offers an Arc A380 Challenger ITX, the second custom board on the market. Will ASRock do better than Gunnir? To find out, we’ll have to wait for the reviews, on the other hand, when we see the competitor’s product it doesn’t seem difficult.

Arc A380 Challenger ITX: a first compact model for ASRock!

ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITXAs a reminder, Intel ‘s A380 remains a first throw of the blue giant on the graphics card market. For this, the company focuses on a small entry-level card that is intended for the Chinese market at first. Feel free to consult our news to have a small overview of the situation! In any case, ASRock starts by offering a compact model of 19 cm in length and two slots thick. This allows this card to fit into a majority of cases. Unsurprisingly, the cooling system then has a single fan with grooved blades to improve airflow. It will blow on a simple machined aluminum block without heat pipes. Let’s also mention that the brand has taken care of the details by opting for a nanotech thermal paste or by tightening the heatsink in an optimal way. On the frequency side, we have the right to a factory overclocking of 250 MHz more than the reference card. On the memory side, the 6GB of GDDR6 run at 15.5Gbps. As a reminder, they are coupled to a 96-bit bus, allowing a bandwidth of 186 GB/s. The connectivity remains quite basic with an HDMI output and a trio of DisplayPort. For the power supply, you will still need an 8-pin PCIe connector for the power supply. Finally, the selling price is 1299 Chinese yuan, or about $192 after conversion.

Here is the technical data sheet ofASRock (China) !