Antec warns on how to wire your graphics card!


As we have seen, current high-end graphics cards tend to consume a lot of power. However, this not only hurts your power bill, but also your power supply and, potentially, its cables. To avoid the damage, Antec is speaking out by publishing recommendations on how to use your PCIe strands.

Antec: Be careful how you wire your high-end GPU!

With GPU power consumption on the rise, the California-based brand posts new recommendations on how to use your PCIe strands. If you have a graphics card consuming more than 200W, the company advises you to pull a new cable per connector.

Antec recommandation câblage GPU

For example, if your card has two 6/8 pin PCIe connectors, it is advisable to add two strands to your power supply… And this, even if each strand has two 6+2 PCIe connectors. The principle is the same if your card has three, etc.

By doing this, you avoid as much as possible the damage caused by the high power consumption of graphics cards. Indeed, depending on the quality of the connectors used, the latter can be made to heat up. And in electricity (and not only), excessive heating can lead to a fire.

It remains to be seen whether other brands will recommend this. Also, it is not impossible that the double PCIe 6+2 connectors per cable will disappear in the future, all in favor of a single connector. In short, a matter to follow.

Go here for Antec’s recommendations!

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