An RTX 4090 Super at Proshop? You’ve made a mistake!


Not so long ago, RTX 4090 Super, which was quite simply a mistake. Indeed, the card doesn’t seem to be in the pipeline. NVIDIA’s next cards are the RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 4080 Super!

RTX 4090 Super, a store error!

RTX 4090 Super

Not long ago, retailer Proshop posted a total of twenty-four 4090 Super models on its site. However, this was simply an error, as the models were based on the visuals and names of the current 4090s. What’s more, the cards have since been removed from the site.

However, this error can simply be explained by the fact that the RTX 40 Super is on the launch pad. At the moment, the various dealers are in the process of placing orders, setting up datasheets, etc., etc., etc… For the time being, it wouldn’t be surprising if 4090 Super had been listed by mistake and the operator had inadvertently clicked on “publish”… Personally, this has already happened to me on OCC.

Anyway, the cards no longer appear on the site. It should also be remembered that the latest rumors point to a release of the RTX 40 Super from January 17, with an announcement on January 8. As for the 4090, NVIDIA is working on an RTX 4090 D for the Chinese market only. This model will replace the card already banned from export by the US government.