Air-Pro V2, new DXRacer chairs announced in Japan!


Small tour in Japan where the DXRacer brand announces new gaming chairs. On the program, we find the Air-pro V2, chairs equipped with an ultra breathable mesh fabric. Moreover, the chair is available in several colors!

Air-Pro V2 : a DXRacer gaming chair with mesh cover !

DXRacer Air-Pro V2This chair is designed for people between 1.70m and 1.90m tall and weighing up to 120kg. As you can see, this model is directly inspired by car bucket seats. The backrest and the seat have numerous lateral reinforcements.

Regarding its overall dimensions, this model is 72 cm wide and 72 cm deep. The height will be between 1.34 m and 1.41 m, depending on the height at which the seat is adjusted. The seat can be from 47 cm to 54 cm above the ground.

However, what interests us here is the design of this model. Indeed, if it rests on welded steel tubes for the structure, the covering is made of ultra-breathable mesh fabric. It is found both on the backrest and on the seat. Moreover, the brand uses a spring system to keep it permanently taut. Finally, to improve comfort we find large cushions for the lumbar and cervical. Concerning them, we will retain a fleece coating on a memory foam. Finally, you should know that the lumbar one is maintained in place thanks to a system of magnet!

Several colors are offered with full black, white/cyan, white/red and black/red. For the moment, only the full black version is available for pre-order on the Japanese store of the brand. You will have to pay ¥59,800 or about 423 €!

This way to the DXRacer store (Japan)!