Air Force : an In Win case to assemble yourself !


In Win announces two new cases with its Air Force and Explorer models. This time, we will focus on the first model. The Explorer will be the subject of a second article.

Air Force: assemble your case like an Ikea furniture!

In Win Air Force Justice White
The Justice White colorway

The particularity of this model lies in its packaging. Indeed, unlike a case that arrives all assembled, with this one, it will be up to you to assemble the 19 elements that make it up. Thus, in cardboard, each part is individually packed.

Once assembled, we find a case with dimensions of 270 (W) x 537 (D) x 528 (H) mm. As for the weight, it is fixed at 6.9 kg. And for materials, we have plastic, tempered glass and steel.

Internally, we can install a motherboard up to E-ATX format. With this, we find a support for large GPUs (390 mm) and CPU fans of 170 mm in height. Finally, for the power supply unit, we have 180 mm free.

For storage, we have plenty to do with four 2.5″ slots and two more in 3.5″.

In Win Explorer
The Phantom Black version

Finally, for cooling, In Win highlights the compatibility with watercooling radiators in 360 mm in the front and top. Otherwise, it will be possible to install up to seven fans in 120 mm: 3x in the top, 3x in the front and one in the back. Moreover, this model comes with four Luna mills in 120 mm.

Finally, we find an open frame design since it is not really closed. Moreover, in front and in the top, we have only two dust filters.

For the price, it will still be 200 € on the store of the brand, regardless of the color of the case.

Here is the technical data sheet of In Win !