Adata unveils its ACE DDR4 and DDR5 memory lineup


Today, Adata unveils a new lineup of memory, the ACE series. This is a range of DDR4 or DDR5 memory that Adata is targeting to designers. For the moment, only three memory kits have been announced. They are two versions 6400 Mt/s CL36 in DDR5 and a memory kit DDR4 3600 Mt/s CL18.

Adata ACE 6400 DDR5 Memory

We begin the tour of these kits with the first DDR5 kit, namely the ACE 6400 DDR5. It is a memory kit evolving at 6400 Mt/s with timings in CL36-40-40 for 1.35V. Except xmp, this kit proposes 5600 Mt/s CL36-36-36 for 1,1V which is not common compared to the kits presented until now which often run at 4800 Mt/s Cl40 in Jedec. The heat sink is very simple with two brushed metal plates on the sides. Concerning the overclocking, we are here without doubt on Hynix chips of good quality with an excellent potential in this field. These are certainly in M-die, even if the new A-die version could arrive on this range.

Adata ACE 6400 DDR5 Memory Limited Edition

We continue with the second DDR5 kit which is a limited edition of the kit presented previously. This one has the same characteristics, XMP at 6400 Mt/s CL36 and metal sheets in radiator. The only difference is the design of these heat sinks which have a cover made by Mister Fred, a German artist known for his colorful works. Concerning the availability, this version is available at 520 units only.

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Adata ACE 3600 DDR4 Memory

We finish with the ACE 3600 DDR4 version, with the same design as its counterpart in DDR5 version. This new DDR4 kit is clocked at 3600 Mt/s Cl18 in XMP 2.0, suggesting a Hynix CJR chip and therefore not very overclockable. We are here on a kit that is essentially intended for use in content creation. Regarding the warranty we are on kits guaranteed for life. Availability and prices have not yet been announced.