12VHPWR: 90° adapters available for purchase!


Another news related to the 12VHPWR connector, the famous new connector used massively by NVIDIA. You should know that 90° adapters are now available. These adapters solve a lot of the problems linked to the original models.

12VHPWR: 90° adapters are finally available!

12VHPWR 90°For the time being, via the moddiy.com shop, you can get a new adapter to connect your RTX 40. This adapter consists of four 8-pin female PCIe sockets to a 12+4 pin. However, the latter is oriented at 90° which will clearly facilitate the wiring.

Until now, “traditional” adapters require a minimum length before they can be bent. This length is difficult to achieve depending on the case. Indeed, as graphics cards are getting bigger and bigger, cases are also getting wider and wider. According to our colleagues some users prefer to leave their case open to avoid any risk.

This 90° model solves a lot of problems, as the PCIe are pushed directly under the graphics card. All you have to do is plug them into the power supply output connectors. The only problem is the price, which is 27.29€!

CableMod adaptateur 12VHPWR 90°.

Let’s also mention that CableMod is also working on a whole set of 90° adapters. The brand’s adapters will be available in several versions: four to be precise. The goal is to correspond to all cases of normal and reversed connectivity.