ZM_MH10: a RAM heatsink from Zalman!


The problem with RAM is that nice kits often cost an arm and a leg… Especially in DDR5. So, if you want to have “softer” memory, you end up with ugly RAM. And that’s where Zalman comes in with its ZM_MH10 heatsink with a little touch of RGB on top.

ZM_MH10 : or how to make your RAM pretty with Zalman !

Zalman ZM_MH10With this new heatsink, Zalman offers us something quite basic in form. Nevertheless, it’s still better than a vulgar PCB with a few memory chips fighting in a duel…

In short, with this heatsink, we find a construction combining aluminum and ABS. The set is compatible with DDR5 RAM, but also older standards. During installation, you will have to pay attention to the thickness of the thermal pads: 0.3 mm for DDR5 and 1 mm for the other standards.

The installation is done simply by screwing the two parts of the heatsink on the RAM. The screwing is done at the level of the Lightbar which is sandwiched between the two parts of the heatsink. Finally, for the management of the lighting, we will not forget to connect the aRGB plug available. Yes, we end up with a cable, but it should be noted that the RAM on which the heatsink will be mounted will probably not be RGB.

Finally, as for the dimensions, this ZM_MH10 displays: 137 (L) x 8.5 (W) x 40 (H) mm. Normally, there should not be too much conflict with an aircooling fan.

Here is Zalman’s datasheet!

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