With Antec’s AX90’s large vents your PC will breathe


New case for Antec which offers us its AX90, a medium tower model that should breathe well. Indeed, it has a front panel with a diamond-shaped grid to avoid smothering the fans. All this, at a price far from being unaffordable!

AX90: an airflow oriented case at 99,90 €!

Antec AX90With its new case, Antec offers a model measuring 210 (W) x 473 (D) x 486 (H) mm while weighing 6.77 kg. However, what we will remember is the grid of its front with its large openings. No doubt, your configuration should breathe properly.

Internally, we can install a motherboard in ATX format, classic. For graphics cards, we have a substantial space of 385 mm in length. The same for power supplies, with 220 mm, 410 mm without HDD cage. However, we have 160 mm for the CPU fans.

Concerning the storage part, nothing extraordinary, since the case has two 2.5″ SSD boards. Otherwise, there is an HDD cage with a 3.5″ slot and a second one that is also 2.5″ compatible.

Antec AX90

The air flow will clearly be able to be at the rendezvous with these numerous slots for fans. There are ten in total: 3x on the top, 3x on the front, 2x on the power supply cover, 2x next to the motherboard and 1x on the back. On the other hand, for 140mm fans we have only five slots available.

As for watercooling, it will be possible to mount 360 mm radiators in the front and top. Finally, it will be possible to integrate a third model in 240 mm next to the motherboard and a 120 mm at the rear.

For the price, it will be 99.99 € officially. Also note that at this price, we find an aRGB hub for ventilation, a 23 mm rear space for cabling as well as four light fans installed as standard!

Here is Antec’s datasheet!