Up to 40% application gains for Intel Arc GPUs!


Since the launch of their Arc graphics cards, Intel has come a long way when it comes to drivers. As you can see, our Software section is regularly updated with new versions of Intel drivers. Nevertheless, what’s interesting is to see what gains these have made since the cards were launched. Puget Systems has carried out a small application test to measure this evolution!

Intel Arc: up to 40% gain since October 2022!

Please note that these measurements were made with the 101.4644 driver. It’s not the last one, since other updates have been released, but it’s a far cry from the version that accompanied the launch of the 101.3490 cards.

Well, since their launch, Intel’s boards have come a long way. Indeed, on certain applications, such as DaVinci Resolve, with the new drivers, performance gains sometimes reach 40%. In these conditions, we have an A750 that rivals the RTX 4060 Ti on this video editing software.

On the other hand, while this is the case with DaVinci Resolve, the results with Premiere Pro are more mixed. In fact, on this software, we can observe a small 5% for the A770 versus a more substantial 8% for the A750. In absolute terms, if the gains are more measured than on the other software, the performance comes dangerously close to that of an RTX 4070. Remember that the RTX 4070 costs more than twice as much as an A770, just to put things in perspective.

However, on other software, Puget Systems was able to see performance in the doldrums, notably on Unreal Engine. On Unreal Engine, the A770 is just as fast as the RTX 3060, while the A750 is 11% slower. These scores are even worse with Ray Tracing enabled. However, we learn that the cards have gained in stability, as they no longer display artifacts.

In short, the rookies have done a great job on the application side. What’s more, the more time goes by, the more compatible software becomes with Intel’s hardware – Blender, for example, is not compatible with the launch driver. Otherwise, in the field ofAI, the blue cards are also solid on their feet, with performance rivaling that of the RTX 4060!

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