Lunar Lake CPU on photo !


Lunar Lake will follow on from Arrow Lake. Expected to arrive by the end of the year, this generation will be aimed at low-power devices such as tablets, laptops and ultrabooks.

Today, thanks to Igor’s Lab, we can see what these processors will actually look like. A model has been photographed on a test platform.

Lunar Lake, here’s what it will look like:

CPU Lunar Lake
Source: Igor’s Lab

As you can see, the CPU benefits from a multi-chip MCM design on a single package. The latter benefits from an SoC die and a second die containing the cores. The layout is very reminiscent of AMD’s CPUs, with the cores on one side and the rest on the other. Finally, there are two LPDDR5X memory chips.

Internally, this CPU will benefit from a total of eight cores, with four E-Core Skymont and four P-Core Lion Cove. All this is engraved by TSMC using the Taiwanese company’s N3B process.

As for the graphics part, it should be fairly robust, at least more so than Meteor Lake CPUs. The iGPU will feature eight Xe2 cores and double the number of Execution Units. The result is a total of 1024 shaders, whereas Xe-LPG was content with 512 shaders with the same number of Xe cores. In fact, performance could be almost double that of its predecessor!

To be continued.