[Tweak League] Les optis de Matusalem


Memory and processor bios settings

Memory and processor bios settings

Turningnow to the bios of this TUF GAMING B760-PLUS WIFImotherboard , the B760 chipset is great for everyday use, but very limited when it comes to processor overclocking. Unfortunately, the processor cache frequency on the B760 chipset can’t be modified either, even though it might be accessible and modifiable, but in reality it doesn’t apply.

But nothing to worry about, as the 14600KF boosts the Performance core to 5300 mhz and the Efficient core to 4000 mhz, which is very good for gaming and streaming. In my opinion, Intel is clearly the best solution for gaming and streaming.

Let’s move on to RAM, as this chipset gives us access to all the settings needed to create a fine-tuned DDR5 profile that will deliver performance gains.

Ram optimisation tweak League

For those who aren’t really interested in overclocking ram, or who don’t have the time or the inclination, I’d simply say activate XMP Tweaked, and for the rest of you follow the guide 🙂

So I started by testing the maximum possible bootable frequency of the Corsair Vengeance 6000c30 kit with a fairly high test voltage of 1.47 VDD and 1.45 VDDQ, which I’ll adjust later.

After several hours of testing, I concluded that 7400 mt/s was the maximum stable 100% on this motherboard, for daily use without worry. To get to this point, I use the y-cruncher program and its vst or vt3 test, depending on the software version. It allows you to perform a stress test on the ram and cpu, but above all on the cpu’s memory controller.

That’s why testing the stability of the IMC (integrated memory controller) with the y-cruncher vst or vt3 stress test is really important, as it’s the basis of ram and cpu stability.

To get the right values, I obviously relied on our dear friends at the overclocking.com discord, whom I’d like to thank in passing. They may recognize themselves if they read this.

The profile I’m presenting contains common secondary and tertiary timings that you can easily use, adapting them according to the frequency you wish to use.