TSMC also in Germany?


As we have already mentioned, the announcement of the location of Intel’s future European site is imminent. It seems almost certain that this site will be located in Germany. The latter having done what was necessary to get ahead of its competitors (France in particular) after an effective lobbying. TSMC could follow since the Taiwanese company is also looking to set up in Europe.

TSMC would also choose Germany ?

Again, it looks like a repeat scenario as TSMC’s decision will be made based on local government subsidies, customer demand and local hiring opportunities.

Intel and TSMC in Germany?

TSMC is in dazzling economic health. As the world’s largest chipmaker, the company is taking full advantage of the semiconductor shortage to boost its margins. The only problem is the geopolitical situation and the risk of dependence on a company whose production capacities are located in a potential conflict zone. The threats from China come to mind. The latter intends to increase the pressure to recover what it considers to be its 23rd province. This is a risk that Intel’s boss has not failed to point out and that TSMC’s management is not ignoring. Factories are being built in Japan and in the United States.

For many observers, European aid, the tax advantages offered by Germany and the high concentration of the automotive industry in the country make the country an unavoidable location.