Torrent White : Fractal Design offers a white case !


Fractal Design is once again working on its Torrent cases by proposing a new color. The Swedish brand launches its Torrent White and it concerns the Nano, Compact and classic models!

Torrent White: Fractal cases now available in white!

Fractal Design Torrent WhiteOn the menu, we find the three models of the Torrent series. This concerns the models of the series. In itself, there is no change in terms of features, only the color changes to full white.

The Torrent Nano

As we said, this is the version designed to accommodate ITX configurations. This model has dimensions of 222 (W) x 417 (D) x 374 (H) mm and a weight of 5.5 kg. It comes with a 180mm fan on the front to ensure air flow. It will also accommodate 335 mm long graphics cards and 165 mm high CPU fans. For watercooling we have a 240 mm radiator support in the front and it has three storage slots.

The Torrent Compact

The Torrent Compact is the middle model in the series with dimensions of 222 (W) x 450 (D) x 467 (H) mm and the weight is 9.5 kg. The component compatibility shows a support for graphics cards of 330 mm and the ventilator increases to 174 mm high. For watercooling, we are entitled to a radiator support in 360 mm at the front and 240/280 mm at the bottom. Finally, we have four slots for storage and the basic ventilation offers two mills in 180 mm at the front.

The Torrent

Finally, the Torrent, this is the largest model in the series at 242 (W) x 544 (D) x 530 (H) mm and weighing 13.4 kg. It has the largest standard ventilation: 2x 180 mm at the front and three 140 mm at the bottom. Ditto for the components with a compatibility for the graphic cards which passes to 461 mm. On the side ventirad and radiator of watercooling, we have 188 mm for one and up to 420 mm in the front and bottom for the other. The storage also progresses with six slots!


We finish with the sales prices which are 189,95 € for the Torrent Nano, 209,95 € for the Torrent Compact and 279,95 € for the Torrent. These prices were found at LDLC, so it’s not impossible to find them cheaper elsewhere.

Fractal Design ‘s datasheet is here!