Three new gaming chairs from Cougar!


Cougar has announced three new gaming chairs. They include the NxSys Aero and the Ranger S and Ranger Pro chairs. While the former is ventilated, the other two feature an integrated footrest!

NxSys Aero: the chair with built-in fan!

Cougar NxSys Aero chaises gamingThe annoying thing about playing/working in a hot room in summer is that you sweat. And when you do sweat, it sticks to your shirt, or even to the upholstery of the chair – in short, it’s not super-mega pleasant, far from it. To solve this perspiration problem, the brand integrates a fan in the backrest. Note, however, that the battery is not included. You can then control its speed via a set of buttons on the side of the backrest, and even its color…………….. Yes, it’s RGB…

Otherwise, apart from this little peculiarity, the chair features a magnetic cervical cushion, a bit like what SecretLab is doing with its latest armchairs. As for the rest, a Class 4 actuator can support up to 160 kg, while the upholstery is made of high-quality polyurethane combined with breathable fabric. Finally, there are 3D armrests, a 150° reclining backrest and a 5-star steel base.

Ranger Pro & S: gaming chairs with integrated footrest!

Cougar Ranger Pro & SWe end with the Pro and S versions of the Ranger series. Here, we’re dealing more with lounge chairs than with chairs in the strict sense of the word. That’s why there’s an integrated footrest and a 157° tilting system. The dimensions are quite imposing at 740 (W) x 1025 (D) x 980 (H) mm. Once again, the maximum weight supported is 186 kg.

The Pro and S models are distinguished by the number of functions they integrate. The S model features a side storage pocket, while the Pro version has a swivel tablet and a USB Type C charging port on the side of the chair.

Once again, high-quality breathable polyurethane is used, and a small lumbar cushion is also included.

Pricing is currently unknown, but we’re quite curious to see how much it will cost.

Click here and here to see Cougar’s product sheets!