Thermalright launches the white AIO Frozen Prism !


On the Thermalright side, we will note the arrival of two new AIO watercooling kits in their catalog. Indeed, the brand now offers Frozen Prism White in 240 mm and 360 mm. Perfect for white material lovers !

Frozen Prism White : AIO kits in white at Thermalright !

Thermalright Frozen Prism 240 aRGB WhiteWith its new kits, the Thermalright brand offers us completely white AIOs. The radiator, the fans, the tubes and even the pump are white. However, the end caps on the radiator and the pump block seem to be blue… original.

Anyway, we will remember that the radiator is made of aluminum, a classic material on AIOs. The latter is also 27 mm thick for a 240 mm or 360 mm format.

As for the pump, it has an aRGB lighting on the top. It will also work up to 3300 rpm while being compatible with the LGA-1366/1000/2000 platforms and AM4/AM5 sockets .

Thermalright Frozen Prism 360 aRGB White

Finally, in terms of ventilation, we have two or three TL-E12W-S V2 fans. We are talking about mills offering aRGB lighting in 120 mm. Powered by PWM, they operate at up to 1850 rpm. At full speed, the airflow reaches 70.4 CFM and the static pressure rises to 2.64 mmH2O.

Prices are yet to be confirmed.

Click here and here for Thermalright’s data sheets!