The REGNER INDIVIDUAL chassis: a folly?


Yesterday we talked about the world record mouse for 299€, now here is another delirium, a technical masterpiece made in Germany: maybe your future case if you have 1 899 euros and obviously components to put inside. The INDIVIDUAL chassis from REGNER integrates a complete liquid cooling system that blends with the case’s components, especially the side panels. Each panel weighs 7 Kg, a weight that is explained by the integration of the radiators of the liquid cooling system of the chassis. The radiators of the panels allow the integration of an inlet connector and another one for the liquid outlet. To transfer the heat from water to air, you will notice the giant fins that cover the entire surface.

Regner individual boitier As far as airflow is concerned, it is managed at the front and rear of the case. The internal airflow of the chassis is the most important part. In this area, the motherboard and GPU are located on one side each. The pump of the system is signed EKWB, this one being a DDC 4.2 PWM.

Regner individual boitier Many questions remain about this chassis and especially the combination of materials used. Indeed, the first visual contact seems to indicate a big presence of aluminum which is not without problem if the other elements are made of copper. But let’s be objective, the images seem to reveal a successful design and it would be unthinkable that the creators of this case did not consider this problem.

Regner individual boitier Needless to say, we will try to find out more. In the meantime, we share with you a video presenting the chassis.

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