The problem with Intel GPUs (for now): drivers


On paper and given the ambitions displayed by the company’s management, we expect a lot from Intel GPUs. However, the “shaky” launch that we are experiencing has amplified the doubts. In addition, there is a certain lack of maturity of the drivers. Most of the feedback is unanimous: the drivers lead the first days of these new Intel GPUs. But in reality, how could it have been otherwise? Intel ARC GPU pilotes Older users will remember the long road of crossroads for AMD to have drivers that would work. The image of lousy drivers still unfairly sticks to the red cards. It’s hard to imagine that Intel could make it perfect on release… But that’s what the company had clearly put forward when it said that the ARC GPUs would arrive on the market with reliable drivers.

Cards not officially launched

The latest review by GamerNexus shows otherwise. Our fastidious friends have found no less than 43 bugs in the latest drivers delivered by the blue. While testing a copy of the GUNNIR A380 Photon they were confronted with numerous problems such as problems during the installation of the driver, crashes of the Intel ARC Control application or image degradation when using Smooth Sync. In short, all this is not really serious.

China: the lab of beta testers

However, Intel has a ready answer to explain this situation: its card is not officially launched and all independent tests are done on cards imported from China. Another way of saying that China has become Intel’s biggest sample of beta testers. However, the “real” release date of Intel cards seems to be getting closer and it is a real race against the clock that has started. The history of graphics cards has so far shown that nothing can be achieved in a hurry. Let’s hope that Intel will be able to demonstrate the opposite.

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