The mouse of records: 24gr and 299€


For years, manufacturers have been vying with each other in technical and marketing creativity to bring out mice in whole jumps. Beyond the shapes, we have the right to the number of buttons, the presence of RGB, the characteristics of the sensor and also the lightness. A German brand not really known decided to hit hard by proposing simply the lightest mouse in the world: 24 grams…But how can you hold/manufacture/play with a mouse of 24gr?

Souris M2K 24gr To achieve this result, the brand used carbon fiber on its M2K mouse. With only 24 grams on the scale and a length of 79 mm, this ultra-light mouse proves to be a formidable weapon for FPS in particular. But to satisfy buyers capable of spending almost 300€ on a mouse, the weight is not enough. The MK2 uses the Pixart PMW 3360 sensor , a reference especially in the world of competitive gaming, and there are also two OMRON D2F01F switches , also market references. From a technical point of view, only two products on the market match the figures given by Zaunkoenig: the CORSAIR Sabre RGB PRO and the Razer Viper 8K Hz.

Souris M2K 24gr To achieve a frequency of 8000 Hz with a response time of 0.125 ms, the mouse incorporates the fastest ARM chip available. It is manufactured by STMicroelectronics and is normally used for military drones. Optimum Tech managed to time the end-to-end latency, with impressive values of only 13.5 ms ( very high-end mice usually have figures between 14 ms and 15 ms).

Souris M2K 24gr Obviously, the price of excellence is felt since the company will ask you 299€..But we think that many will be tempted.