Test: Alder Lake Intel i9-12900K and i5-12600K


Benchmark AIDA64:

For the following test, which is going to be done with the AIDA64 software, we will compare the two platforms, AMD and Intel, since we used the same kit at the same frequency and with the same timings. AIDA has just seen its beta version evolve to 6.32.5659. It can be downloaded directly from the site but in order to benefit from all its features and have all of the desired results, you will need a licence.

AIDA 64 :

It is a software capable of providing a lot of useful information about your configuration, but it has the a special feature which is widely used, the memory benchmark. This will calculate the read, write and copy bandwidth as well as the memory latency of your memory kit. It is very often used to compare memory kits between them, or when overclocking your memory and see what results you get out of it.

It is also an excellent tool if you want to simply compare the performance of your memory kit with those we have already tested and given the results. The version used for testing is v6.50.5806 beta.

BOOM! Not only is the reading bandwidth really high with the i9-12900k, but also with the i5-12600K. Without a doubt, the gain from DDR5 is huge and allows increased reading speeds.

In writing, same boat, speeds are taking off big time. Now it will be very interesting to see where does an Alder Lake + Z690 + DDR4 combo fits in compared with our DDR5.

As well as copy, same observation. It’s when it comes to memory latency things get flipped upside down. Now, we can assume that the 5600 or 6000 MHz kits will certainly have lower latency.

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