T705 : a Crucial SSD ultra fast !


Apparently, Crucial is working on a new large SSD. Indeed, the T705 would simply follow on from its current T700, but offers even higher speeds. Depending on the version, read speeds are as high as 14 GB/s!

T705: a new bomb from Crucial!

Crucial is said to be working on its T705 SSD. This new model would adopt a classic M.2 2280 format, while benefiting from a PCIe 5.0 x4 interface. The latter guarantees high data transfer rates, as confirmed by the leaked datasheet.

The SSD comes in three versions: 1TB, 2TB and 4TB! However, the datasheet doesn’t mention DRAM cache capacity, if present, nor endurance. However, we do know that the memory used here comes from Micron and is 232-layer TLC. As for performance, we have :

  • 1 TB :
    • Sequential throughput: 13.6 GB/s read – 10.2 GB/s write
    • Random performance: 1.4M readIOPS – 1.75M writeIOPS
  • 2 TB :
    • Sequential throughput: 14.5 GB/s read – 12.7 GB/s write
    • Random performance: 1.55M readIOPS – 1.8M writeIOPS
  • 4 TB :
    • Sequential throughput: 14.1 GB/s read – 12.4 GB/s write
    • Random performance: 1.5M readIOPS – 1.8M writeIOPS

Finally, we learn that several versions of the SSD will be offered. The first with a black heatsink and the second without. The third, known as the ” limited edition “, will feature a white heatsink!