Rocket x5 Gen5 : Sabrent wants to reach 14 GB/s with its SSD !


Currently, the companies Sabrent and Phison are working together on the development of a new PCIe 5.0 SSD. Indeed, the Rocket x5 Gen5 is currently in development and the first results are rather encouraging. However, even if the SSD displays 12 GB/s, the performance does not yet reach the goal that the two companies have set. Here, the goal is to reach 14 GB/s!

Rocket x5 Gen5, 14 GB/s are in sight!

Sabrent Rocket x5 Gen5With this SSD the goal is to reach 14 GB/s in transfer speed. However, to achieve this, you need very specific memory chips capable of operating at 2400 MTps. Currently, the number of suppliers is quite limited, only Micron seems to offer some, but the yields are quite low. As for SK Hynix or YMTC, these speeds are not yet in the suppliers’ catalogs.

Still, things are following their course, CrystalDiskMark results having already been shared. As it stands, the SSD is capable of 12.4GB/s read versus 11.8GB/s sequential write. There’s still some work to be done for companies to reach their 14GB/s goal.

In the meantime, once those goals are met, it will be hard to go beyond that barrier. The limit for PCIe 5.0 SSDs is around 14-15 GB/s.