Review : Noctua NH-D12L


If the future generation of NH-D15 has been postponed to early 2023, Noctua recently proposed a new dual tower heatsink. With this new heatsink, the brand plays compact with a 120 mm dual tower in the company of its NH-D12L. You know us, when it comes to Noctua, we jump at the chance to ask for a copy to test. Moreover, we received a second fan NF-A12x25r in order to perform a push/pull test. Noctua NH-D12L

Presentation :

The NH-D15 is no longer the only two-tower fan in the brand’s catalog. With this new model, the company wants to offer us a compact heatsink. In fact, this is what it does with this model whose height is less than 145 mm. Despite this compact format, we can expect higher performance than the 90 mm and 120 mm fans. The Austrian even positions it at the level of the NH-U12A.

However, just because you have a dual-tower fan doesn’t mean you have to take up space in the RAM area, no. This new model is perfectly compatible with memory on LGA-1000 and AM4 and AM5 platforms. By the way, since we are talking about sockets, you should know that the support is long-lasting. A new platform? No worries, just ask for a new mounting set.

With this, the NH-D12L comes with a new fan: the NF-A12x25r, a variant of the original NF-A12x25 if you will. This model offers all the advantages of the original model but comes with a round frame. The goal? To be able to mount it on this heatsink quite simply. Nevertheless, the standard air cooler only comes with one fan. Fortunately, in the accessory section, we will have enough to install a second mill.

Finally, we will not forget to note the presence of thermal paste NT-H1, a model with very good feedback from consumers. The same goes for the long warranty: 6 years, there’s plenty to do.


The model being recent, the few stores that manage to offer this model do so at a very high price! Nevertheless, turn to Amazon to get it at the right price: 90 €. Nevertheless, this is still very high for a 120 mm double turn. As a comparison, a Scythe Fuma 2 is between 60 € and 80 €.