Performance 1 FT, Antec’s new airflow enclosure


In order to contain the heat generated by the latest graphics cards and CPUs, Antec offers its Performance 1 FT case. This is a model clearly focused on cooling performance. This model being able to accommodate up to 10 fans in 120mm!

Performance 1 FT: up to 10 fans in 120 mm!

Antec performance 1 FT

With this new case, the Californian brand announces a medium tower model measuring 230 (W) x 522 (D) x 522 (H) mm. These dimensions allow it to accommodate motherboards in E-ATX format to the maximum.

Otherwise, internally, it shows good compatibility for components. We then have up to 40 cm for the graphics card, 175 mm for the CPU cooler and 245 mm for the power supply with the HDD cage.

The storage part highlights three 2.5″ boards as well as a HDD cage with two 2.5″/3.5″ compatible baskets.

However, what interests us most here is the ventilation, which can accommodate up to ten fans in 120 mm. In 140 mm, we find six slots. And as for the watercooling, we will be able to mount a 420 mm radiator at the front and a 360 mm at the top.

Antec performance 1 FT

Finally, we will remember that the case offers some interesting features. It will have the possibility to display the temperature of the CPU/GPU via a small display on the top of the case. This will require the installation of the iUNITY utility. Regarding the wiring, on the back, we find covers and Velcro strips to facilitate the plating of the latter. The upper part is removable to facilitate the installation of watercooling radiator. Finally, we find four Storm T3 fans of 120 mm x 30 mm base for cooling. Of course, the front is ventilated for maximum air flow.

For the price, hang on since this case is announced at 199 €!

Here is Antec’s datasheet!