NT-H1 SW Edition: Noctua’s paste arrives with a complete bundle!


Until now, Noctua’s NT-H1 thermal paste was sold alone. Basically, you just buy a syringe of paste and that’s it. Now, the brand offers its NT-H1 SW Edition, a ++ version with some additional accessories.

NT-H1 SW Edition: the paste and the CPU cleaner!

Noctua NT-H1 SW EditionAs such, there is no change in the paste itself. No, what changes is that the paste does not come alone anymore. Indeed, for this edition, the brand includes, as an accessory, a spatula to facilitate the application of the latter. Moreover, three NA-CW1 cleaning wipes are present to easily remove the old paste on your CPU/GPU in case of change.

The paste itself comes in the form of a 3.5g syringe offering from 3 to 20 applications. Of course, this will depend greatly on the type of CPU and the amount you put. For example, on a Threadripper, the brand provides about three applications, against twenty for an Intel CPU in LGA-1200.

For the price, the wipes and the spatula make the price slightly higher. The price goes from 8,90 € for the basic version to 9,90 € for this edition. The availability is already effective on Amazon France.

This way to the Noctua datasheet!

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