New benchmark: 3DMark Storage Benchmark for SSDs


3DMark Storage Benchmark is the new benchmark from UL Benchmark (formerly Futuremark). This new test aims to measure the performance of SSDs and other storage devices in gaming use.

3DMark Storage Benchmark: test your storage in a realistic way

illustration UL Benchmark 3dmark storage benchmark

After Port Royal to compare its graphics cards with RTX, Storage Benchmark aims to test the latest storage technologies both internal and external. Such as PCI Express, NVMe, but also SATA SSDs and standard and hybrid hard drives.Logo 3DMark

In addition to the classic measurement of bandwidth and average access time, Storage Benchmark performs some common operations on popular video games. First of all, it loads three games up to the main menu(Battlefield V, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Overwatch) and then records a gameplay with OBS from Overwatch. As well as installing The Outer Worlds from the Epic Games launcher and saving a progression of the latter. And finally the copy of the Steam folder of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from an external SSD to the system drive. This is to bring more realistic results than the synthetic tests. Note however that the benchmark requires 30 GB of free space to run.

3DMark Storage Benchmark is available as 3DMark DLC, for €2.39 on Steam and on the UL Bnchmarks website for the Advanced Edition. And as a free upgrade for those who own the Professional Edition.