Muxi: a new manufacturer in the GPU arena


Currently, there are really only three players in the consumer graphics card market. AMD and NVIDIA are the two main ones although Intel has joined the battle again recently. As a reminder, the Arc GPUs from the blue are on the launchpad and the small Arc A380 is already available for purchase. Nevertheless, in China new players are getting ready, we think of InnoSilicon, but also Muxi, a manufacturer based in Shanghai.

Muxi wants to enter the consumer GPU market in 2025!

Innosilicon Fantasy 1 TYpe B - Muxi
InnoSilicon GPU, for illustration

For the time being, we don’t know much about what the company will offer at that time. Currently, we only know that the company intends to enter the gaming card market in 2025. Nevertheless, the brand announces that it will offer chips engraved in 7 nm and that’s all… We have no idea about the consumption of the cards, the organization of the GPU or the type of memory used at the moment.

In addition, we must keep in mind that the 7nm engraving is currently used by AMD and its RADEON RX 6000 in particular. In 2025, the brand is already behind on this point… But let’s keep in mind that the target market remains the Chinese market with different requirements than ours.

Nevertheless, even on the Chinese market, competition should be tough since AMD and NVIDIA are already present. Also, the company InnoSilicon (also Chinese) is already present with its Fantasy I cards whose performance should match the RTX 3060. In short, a matter to be followed.

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