ModFree: a fully modular case from In Win!


In Win has come up with a new case reference with its ModFree. This is a full-tower format model that boasts advanced modularity. The concept behind it is to be able to add blocks according to your needs.

ModFree: design the case that suits you!

In Win ModFree

With this case, the brand pushes the concept of modularity to the limit. The basic version of the box comes with everything you need to set up a classic configuration. However, other modules are also available. For example, if you need a lot of space for a watercooling radiator, you can add a module at the top or on the front. Similarly, if you want to mount your PC in reverse, all you have to do is tilt the motherboard tray. It’s a really interesting concept, especially as you can add modules without tools!

There are two main versions: the basic edition and the Deluxe version. Both are full-tower cases equipped with 9 expansion slots. Compatibility with E-ATX motherboards is therefore assured. As for the rest, there’s plenty of room for :

  • GPU: up to 369 mm (Base) – 440 mm with front module (Deluxe)
  • CPU fan: up to 200 mm
  • Power supply: up to 390 mm, 240 mm with hard disk cage installed

When it comes to cooling, the case is no slouch, as up to five 120/140 mm fans can be fitted in the basic version. The Deluxe model, with its modules, has a total number of 120 mm slots. As for watercooling, up to a maximum of 280 mm can be mounted on the basic model, versus 420 mm on the Deluxe version.

Finally, as regards dimensions:

  • Base: 261.8 (W) x 411.5 (D) x 531 (H) mm for 11.4 kg
  • Deluxe: 261.8 (W) x 511.6 (D) x 631 (H) mm for 17 kg

All that remains now is to see what accessories will be offered with these cases. In terms of sales prices, the basic model costs €199.99, which seems a bit high given its capacity. On the other hand, the Deluxe version and its €289.99 price tag seem more appropriate, especially as it comes with several modules!

Here’s the In Win product sheet!