MG10: Toshiba also launches a 22TB hard drive!


While SSDs more or less dominate the storage sector, investment and research continues on the hard disk side. While this type of storage may seem prehistoric compared with today’s SSDs, hard disks continue to offer much higher capacities. This time, we learn that Toshiba is also reaching 22TB capacity with its MG10 series!

MG10: a 22TB hard disk from Toshiba!

Toshiba MG10 22 To

With this new hard disk, Toshiba offers us a model in 3.5″ format, the classic format for this type of storage. Internally, we learn that it has ten platters, just like the 20TB version. However, to achieve this 22TB capacity, the brand has somehow improved the density of the trays!

Otherwise, we’re talking about a model operating at a speed of 7200 rpm. However, data rates are not specified, but we can assume that they will be at least equal to 281 MB/s… Which is what the 20TB version currently offers. Otherwise, a 512 MB cache is also included. Last but not least, power consumption has been announced at 9.6W, along with 24/7 operation and a 5-year warranty.

For the future, we learn that competitors, notably Seagate, plan to reach 32TB thanks to HAMR technology. Western Digital is currently promoting 26TB drives, with plans for 28TB in the near future.