MG08ADA800E/JP: Toshiba hard disk to run 24/7!


Despite the democratization of SSD, mechanical hard drives are still used. Moreover, Toshiba offers us a new reference with 8Tb of storage. Thus, the MG08ADA800E/JP, is intended for an enterprise use and will be able to work 24/24h, 7/7d.

MG08ADA800E/JP : Toshiba hard disk intended for the company !

Toshiba MG08ADA800E/JPWith this new model, Toshiba offers us a 3.5″ hard disk with an operating speed of 7200 RPM. As we said, the capacity is 8Tb, which is quite significant… Although other models go even higher, up to 20Tb in the catalog from Western Digital.

Anyway, this model is intended for an intensive use since it is able to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The rest of the characteristics show a SATA III interface with a 256 MiB cache. Toshiba also announces an endurance of 550 TB written per year as well as transfer speeds of 260 MB/s. As for the format, we remain on 3.5″, classic format for hard disk. Finally, in terms of consumption, the brand announces 5.61W, an important figure when you start to have a large number of HDDs.

For the moment, we have no idea of the selling price of this model. Nevertheless, you should know that the warranty will be 5 years.