Macho Maxx : Thermalright puts its series back on the scene !


Thermalright puts back on the scene its Macho series of fans. For the occasion, the brand announces its Macho Maxx, a big single tower model. The set receives a big 140 mm fan !

Macho Maxx : a big single tower in 140 mm !

Thermalright Macho MaxxAs we said, this cooling unit is still big since it is 140 (W) x 124 (D) x 158 (H) mm with the fan. As for the weight, the brand indicates 780 g on the scale.

As for the radiator itself, we find a massive block, with a total of 6 copper heatpipes. The latter are nickel-plated and meet at the level of a base, also in copper and off-center. Without this, with such dimensions, all the memory slots would be covered. Finally, we find a total of 31 aluminum fins, a rather low density.

The ventilation is entrusted to a TL-D14 mill of 140 mm. Powered by PWM, this mill works up to 1500 RPM. At full speed, it brews rather strongly with an air flow of 77.8 CFM and a static pressure of 2.09 mmH2O. Considering the number of fins, there is no doubt that the air flow will be able to pass through the rad without much difficulty.

For the moment, the price has not been announced. Nevertheless, we know that this model is intended for mainstream sockets from Intel and AMD.

Here is the Thermalright datasheet !