LT720 & LT520: DeepCool AIOs with unique design!


DeepCool launches a new series of all-in-one watercooling kits with its LT720 and LT520. There are two models in 240 mm and 360 mm. As you will see, the pump has a rather original and successful design!

LT720 and LT520: two nice references at DeepCool!

DeepCool LT720DeepCool offers a new series of watercooling kits with two references. Thus, the LT520 has a 240 mm radiator while the 720 model is 360 mm. In all cases, we find a square aluminum radiator, similar to that of the LS.

Otherwise, the main novelty concerns the pump block, which has a completely new design. We notice that the latter benefits from an aRGB lighting system with a transparent zone. On this area, several geometric patterns with infinite depth effect are present.

Nevertheless, the brand does not hesitate to put forward its new generation of pump (the 4th). The latter is equipped with a 3-pole motor capable of operating at up to 3100 RPM. Finally, a new network of copper micro-wires optimized for flow is present at the copper base.

Compatibility is exemplary, as this series can be installed on Intel LGA-2000/1700/1200/115x platforms. In AMD, we will note a compatibility with sockets AM5/AM4 and sTRX4/STR4.

The announced prices are $139 for the LT720 against $109 for the LT520!