LiqTech TR4, Enermax’s AIO compatible with the LGA-4677!


New watercooling kit by Enermax… Well, new… That’s a quick answer. No, actually, the brand announces a compatibility with the LGA-4677 for its LiqTech TR4 kit. As a reminder, this is an AIO compatible with large CPUs, more details in a moment.

LiqTech TR4: theAIO now compatible with the LGA-4677!

LiqTech TR4With its kit, Enermax offers us an AIO equipped with an extended base, originally adapted for AMD TR4 sockets and derived. On the other hand, it turns out that it is wide enough to be also adapted on the new Intel socket , the LGA-4677. As a reminder, this is the support for Xeon w-3400 and w-2400 processors.

Of course, the kit has a 360 mm radiator with a very special finish. The ventilation consists of three fans operating at up to 2300 rpm. At full speed, it will blow hard generating an airflow of 102.17 CFM and creating a static pressure of 6.28 mmH2O. However, beware of the noise!

The pump, for its part, has a flow rate of 450 l/h while it will send the liquid to the center of the copper base. Finally, we can count on a small aRGB lighting to make it pretty.

For the price, it will be necessary to count in the 155 € / 165 € depending on the store. Moreover, if you already have a kit, you can request a mounting mechanism LGA-4677. Same if you decide to buy a non compatible AIO now.

Here is the Enermax datasheet!