LGA-1700: DeepCool also offers its upgrade kit!


Once again, we are going to talk about the LGA-1700 socket and about a manufacturer who offers a free assembly kit. This time, we are talking about DeepCool which follows the same approach as other manufacturers like Noctua or be quiet!

LGA-1700 : DeepCool offers free upgrade kit !

DeepCool LGA-1700 upgrade kit As we now know, Alder Lake-S will land with a new architecture requiring a new heatsink. More importantly, the current heatsinks will not be compatible with the new motherboards… Unless you get a mounting kit compatible with your heatsink. That’s what DeepCool proposes here.

Of course, to get a free mounting kit, you will have to contact DeepCool support. Also, don’t forget to include proof of purchase of a processor or motherboard. Finally, the brand specifies that, depending on the region, shipping costs may be incurred. Otherwise, without proof of purchase, the mounting system will be offered for sale 5.99 €. Depending on the cooling system, the mounting system will be different:

  • Gammax 400/GTE/GT ==> GP-G-EMM009-1700
  • NeptWin series ==> GP-G-EM072-1700
  • AS500 series/AK620 ==> GP-G-EM002-1700
  • Assassin III ==> GP-G-EM316-1700
  • Castle/Gammax (AIO) ==> GP-G-EM172-1700

Finally, you should know that the mounting kits will include a backplate as well as mounting arms sized for the platform. With this, we will have all the hardware included. Please note that current and future heatsinks will be sold with this mounting system as standard.

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